Watch your favorite crime thriller movies on aha

Are you excited to watch new Tamil crime movies? If yes, try watching the new crime thrillers Driver Jamuna and Pothanur Thabal Nilayam. Both these newly released movies are currently available on aha Tamil. Finding the right streaming platform for watching movies has become a major task for most people these days.

A lot of people are failing to find the right OTT platform. At the same time, many of them are spending money unnecessarily on streaming platforms, where they will not be able to find all their favorite Tamil movies. But now it’s time to avoid such mistakes, as aha is offers its users complete access to a huge collection of Tamil movies with just a single subscription.

Popular crime thrillers streaming on aha OTT 

·         Driver Jamuna

The cast of Driver Jamuna

The crime thriller film Driver Jamuna is directed by P Kinslin with the production company 18 Reels. Aishwarya Rajesh and Aadukalam Naren play the reading roles in this film as Jamuna and Maragathavel. The supporting cast members include Kavitha Bharathi, Abhishek Kumar, Ilaya Pandi, etc.

The story of Driver Jamuna

Jamuna is a dedicated cab driver who chose this profession without her mother’s willingness. She picks up a group of goons unwittingly, which becomes great trouble afterward. The goons threaten her to drive the vehicle continuously without stopping. Driver Jamuna – film is about how Jamuna escapes from those people. Since the film is filled with many suspense, it would be best to watch it in aha OTT for a better movie experience.

What can you expect from Driver Jamuna?

The film Driver Jamuna mostly revolves around the cab (Jamuna’s car). If you expect a normal thriller movie, this one will exceed your expectations. Thus, it will be a good choice for all those interested in watching crime thrillers.

·         Pothanur Thabal Nilayam

The cast of Pothanur Thabal Nilayam

Praveen directs the Tamil heist film Pothanur Thabal Nilayam, wherein he also plays the lead role of Praveen himself. Other cast members of this film include Anjali Rao, Jagan Krish, Venkat Sundar, Seetharaman, etc.

The story of Pothanur Thabal Nilayam

Pothanur Thabal Nilayam has an exciting crime thriller – heist story which has caught the attention of many viewers. Its story revolves around a heist in a post office (- a bank) set back in the 1990s. Praveen, the central character of this movie, is an ambitious entrepreneur with many dreams and skills. He is later forced to a race to find the stolen money within 36 hours to save his father’s and family’s reputation. While the clock ticks fast, he gets into a life threatening situation. Will he be able to survive the situation successfully? Watch this interesting crime thriller which is streaming on aha OTT.

What you can expect from Pothanur Thabal Nilayam?

Pothanur Thabal Nilayam is quite an interesting story, with Praveen himself being the lead actor, writer, and producer. Other than that, this film was also launched in his studio. The film sets back to the early 1990s, and its story revolves around the oldest and the first post office in Coimbatore. Pothanur Thabal Nilayam has also received a good IMDb rating of around 7.5, even though the movie does not have any popular film stars from the Tamil film industry.

Watch almost all the latest Tamil crime thrillers on aha.

If you like watching crime thriller movies in Tamil, then you should check the top movie collection available in aha. Aha is a leading online streaming platform with the best Tamil movies. Whether you are interested in watching crime thrillers, planning to watch a family drama film with family, or preferring to watch a horror film for a movie night with friends, Aha is offering them all in one place. You can find numerous Tamil movies in aha, sorted out into different sections based on their genres and other factors. Thus, it would be easy for everyone to find suitable movies if they were making a random selection.

Even if you find any movies not interesting in a particular genre like thriller or horror, there is no need to worry. Aha provides several other options in the same section, so you can easily find a similar type of movie. Simply take an aha subscription to watch and download Tamil movies based on your choice.

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