What is wagyu beef and how is it graded?

Wagyu is a high-quality beef that is made from cows born and raised in Japan. Now wagyu beef restaurants are available worldwide. They are available in different grades, and a5-japanese-wagyu-beef-grading provides high-quality steak for their customers.

The Japanese grading association assigns grades to beef according to quality. The top-graded product is to protect the transparency, integrity, and authenticity of the restaurant in Japan. The a5-japanese-wagyu-beef-grading steak is mostly taken in between the ribs. The meat is taken and sold based on the yield and grade of the steak. Yield is the ratio of meat compared to the actual weight of the carcass. The grade of the meat is based on the overall score of marbling, known as the BMS.

The grade is classified based on different like 

  • Marbling
  • Color
  • Fat standard
  • Firmness and texture

The wagyu grading differs depending on the country, and different organizations provide different types of beef with different qualities. Wagyu meat needs to be high quality, and have a good appearance, and flavor.

The Japanese grading system is classified into 5 grades, and grade 1 is considered a low-quality steak. They are also classified into grades A, B, and C, where “A” is known as the yield grade. A steak is different from other quality grades. “A”-grade meat is classified as meat above 72% of yield. Below that percentage is considered B- and C-grade steak.

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Over 90% of wagyu in Japan is black breed, which has superior marbling, making it high quality. People look for high-quality products with the right grade. Wagyu has a grading system that measures the quality of the meat by considering intramuscular fat. Marbling is the fat that creamy webbing cuts from the beef.

Other than the above method, grade number is awarded to the wagyu based on

  • The ratio of fat to lean
  • Color
  • Firmness

The ratio of fat to lean

The wagyu becomes more special when the ratio of fat to lean meat is in the steak.


The color of the wagyu is dark or light, which determines the quality of the steak with a better grade. Light-colored meats are better quality with high grade, and darker meats are low grade.


The beef should be firm but tender, so the meat won’t be hard to cook or chewy.

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