Sale with resolutive condition

Buying a house without a mortgage

Alternatively, to buy a house without a mortgage it is possible to resort to the rent to buy formula similar to a lease which however allows the future purchase of the property.

In the case of rent to buy, the expected monthly fee is generally higher than that of a normal lease, this because part of it goes to constitute a sort of deposit useful for the final sale . Upon expiry of this contractual formula , the contractor will therefore have the opportunity to choose whether to redeem the property or not to proceed with the purchase: an increasingly appreciated and suitable solution for all those who, while renting, would like to buy a house but in fact have no possibility of taking out a mortgage. Among the advantages of the rent to buy, the most positive aspect involves the expenses: the IMU, until the moment of the redemption, is always paid by the owner, and this formula allows at the same time to postpone the notarial deed and related related expenses. On the other hand, the risks are still on the shoulders of the owner who, if the tenant does not purchase the property, has the risk of finding himself occupied by a defaulting tenant together with the need to face all the judicial measures of the case

Sale with retention of title

Another alternative to buying a house without a mortgage is represented by the sales contract with retention of title : in this case the seller gives the buyer the opportunity to pay for the property through calibrated monthly installmentsbased on the sale price and spread over an agreed period of time, accompanied however by a suitable and adequate interest rate. The buyer can therefore use the property, taking possession of it already after having paid the first foreseen installment, using it according to his needs. However, the aforesaid property is definitively transferred from the seller to the buyer, only after having paid the last foreseen installment and therefore paid the entire value of the property, including the relative interest: in the event of insolvency, even of a single payment , the contract automatically loses validityand the seller does not need to claim ownership of the house, since it is his property to all intents and purposes.

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